A Tool for designers, brand managers and advertisers to measure the impact of the design

We believe power comes from analytics! Using cognitive psychology and the latest discoveries in cultural sciences, we measure which emotions and values are triggered by an image. Our scientific technology enables marketers, agencies and exporters to confidently target optimized images to the right audiences.

The Process

Before the design progress, select the values and emotions you wish to trigger, and let us guide you which fonts, colours, shapes and words to use. After you’ve finished the design, upload the image to get a science-based report which gives you valuable insights on how well it matches your required values and emotions. Repeat the process until you’ve achieved the desired result.

The Science

We have created a database and an algorithm that measures how different cultures view fonts, shapes, words and how are they connected to emotions-values. Our team consists science geeks. We have developed Brandlyse as a science project and while working close with one of the leading universities in cultural sciences - University of Tartu - every specter of the algorithm is scientifically explained.

Speed up the design process

No more time wasted being uninspired. Open our app, select values and emotions you wish to evoke, and let us guide you which fonts, colours, shapes and words to use. Therefore, you can create a foundation and start your designing in the right direction straightaway (and not pull away from your objective).

No more ineffective designs

As you finish the design, our psychological-semiotic algorithm describes how your target group would perceive the image. Thus, you can predict the success of your design with scientific accuracy and publish effective designs that deliver your marketing goals. Minimizing your risk cost effectively.

No more fighting with the customer

Your time is limited. Instead of wasting time redoing your work, carry out an effective design with the first draft. Back your work with understandable science based research and prove your customer that the created design tells a desired message.

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